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By Kurt J. Kolka

What does the word “peace” mean to you? If you try to envision what a peaceful day would look like for you, what would the scene look like?

The first vision which comes to mind when I try to imagine a moment of tranquility is sitting on the deck of a Northern Michigan cabin in the woods and watching the AuSable River flow by. There is just something about the peacefulness of a river running through the forest which relaxes me.

There is also something about being in nature which brings me back to God. What better place to commune with God than in our beautiful forests in the northland.

Interestingly, the Bible also is filled with references to nature, from the very beginning to the very end. David hid in the mountains when pursued by King Saul. When Elijah was discouraged, he sought peace with God in a cave on Mount Sinai. Jesus went into the wilderness to be alone with God.

For decades, I struggled in the shadow of depression and did not realize how that was affecting my outlook on life. It felt like I was living in a perpetual state of gloom. There was no peace.

This feeling wasn’t exactly sadness, like most people tend to think of depression. I thought I just had a realistic outlook (even though it was quite negative). And truthfully, I had given up on hope. There was no peace for me.

On my road to recovery, I found peace through getting back with nature and fellowshipping with God through His Word. The Bible is filled with lots of practical advice and wisdom when it comes to life and how we should see it. Coming to better understand God, to understand His vision of human life and history, and to understand myself as God understands me totally changed my life and my outlook.

Of course, God always reminds us to share our Good News from Him with others. That’s why I am starting this monthly column with readers.

I’m inviting you to join me in my imaginary cabin along the AuSable River, where God’s creation flies, trots or swims by. Once a month, let’s grab a chair, our favorite drinks and open up our Bibles in the midst of God’s beauty and take a look at what He liked to share with us.

Certainly, God loves to share and what He shares is free. It is also life changing.

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