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    Between the years 2012-2014, Kurt J. Kolka wrote a series of news articles on the subject of modern bullying. This was partly due to the fact media reports of bullying and child suicide were growing and he also had been bullied for about 10 years as a public school student, a problem which was never resolved. In August 2014, Kurt published a book on bullying called "Bullying Is No Laughing Matter" through Front Edge Publishing LLC. The book featured comics and stories of bullying by well-known cartoonists.

    To Kurt's amazement, many people came forward to share their bullying stories with him, including childhood neighbors, who he did not know were being bullied at the same time as he was.

    Kurt has also put on anti-bullying presentations for both parents and kids. He continues to enlighten people today through articles, personal appearances and book signings.

    A website for the book, "Bullying Is No Laughing Matter," was created by Read the Spirit, LLC. It features comics and testimonies by a variety of cartoonists from varying backgrounds. 

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