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June 15, 2023

We thought we needed more information.

We thought that we would make better decisions

if we knew more.

The apple offered control of our lives . . .

of other lives.

If we just had the apple, our own personal apple,

no one, not even God, could tell us what to do.

So we got the information;

we drove at breakneck speed through the information highway.

We raced through the orchard making a network of brickyards

between apple trees.

Now we have information.

We sit so immobilized by so much information

that we can no longer make choices—

We have no way to weigh so much information.

Dazed and intoxicated by the glut, we are paralyzed to act,

to feel, to move.

The apple juice drips from our chins

as we stare blankly at images of each other,

images we can manipulate and alter on the screen.

Oh, Lord, we have too much information!

And we have lost—with our innocence

our wisdom,

our outrage,

our delight,

our Eden.

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