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the journey to publishing my first novel

About two years ago, I began work on my first novel. It is tentatively called, “Afraid We Are Not.” A lot has changed since then. An editor evaluated part of it at a writer’s conference last year. I went back and made some changes based on her suggestions. I also met with a book editor at the conference who was interested in looking over my manuscript when it was completed. Later that summer, a class reunion also influenced the story. More alterations. 


This winter the manuscript was completed after several read-throughs by people I trust. Finally, a book proposal was sent in to the book editor I had met at the conference. After reading the proposal over, she discovered I had fail to send in sample chapters for her look over. Upon being informed of this, I quickly sent in my sample chapters.


We are now in a waiting pattern. The publishing process is full of waiting time. My manuscript is one of many being considered even now.

I am hopeful this series of articles will be my journal for this journey, from writer and cartoonist to novelist. Please, come along with me. Let's see what all it really takes to get a novel published.

The Novel